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Find adventure on the high seas with a crew of fun, quirky characters.

Your great uncle Salty Dog has decided to retire from his life as a sea captain and, much to your surprise, has left you his old ship. Now you've decided to take up the captain's hat and set out for adventure on the high seas.

  • Visit new ports of call, visit different shops and meet the villagers.
  • Explore new islands, each with their own unique features and collectibles.
  • Find a mysterious message in a bottle, go on a treasure hunt, rescue castaways, or save your crew from pirates -- adventure awaits at every turn!
  • Trade exotic goods between different ports to earn those sweet, sweet doubloons.
  • Collect a huge variety of items from all over the world: shells, fish, birds, rare treasures, and much more.
  • Crew mates will join you on your travels; befriend them to form a tighter bond with your quirky crew.
  • Upgrade your ship to hold more goods, increase your cabin space and allow more crew mates to move in.
  • Customize your ship and cabin --  everything from changing out the floors and walls to swapping furniture. Get it just right for you.
  • Help your crew members make their cabins perfect based on their likes and dislikes.
  • Engage in trade, run quests, help your crew, go fishing, catch some bugs, shake a tree to see what falls out, and much, much more.  With tons of activities there is always something to do!

More information coming soon...

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